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8 Inspiring Website Designs Real Estate

Patryk Michalski
6 min read

Designing websites for the real estate industry is not an easy task.

A great real estate site needs to stand out visually, drive a visitor towards a goal, AND have a highly optimized user experience.

Building trust with a potential client is difficult because buying or investing in property is a huge emotional and financial commitment. Think about how much research you do before you buy something cool on the internet. You might check eBay, Amazon, and a handful of smaller retailers. Maybe you’ll read over some reviews…

Now amplify that experience by hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’re not suggesting that a website designer is all that stands between a potential buyer spending a very big sum of money, but they are certainly an important cog in the machine. A poorly designed real estate website will push potential buyers away quicker than you’d believe. While an incredible website will give them a reason to continue researching and asking the right kind of questions.

In this article, we’ve gathered 8 inspiring website designs for the real estate industry that will give you a burst of motivation for your own project.

  1. Galio Group

Galio group website home page

We’re starting with a simple but incredibly user-friendly website.

There is certainly something to be said about choosing purple and light blue as the primary colours for the site. Typically, real estate websites work with darker tones, contrasted with white text. The bold choice to go with a very different pallet makes a clear branding statement and helps the Galio Group stand out.

The main photo of the happy family attracts our attention, which certainly makes a great first impression, and reinforces one of the goals of this website; building trust among potential buyers.

  1. Verso

Verso website home page

The Verso home page presents a perfectly integrated menu with the main photo. High-quality building renders can be impressive and informative, so why not showcase them?

Directly below the hero image, they have presented three categories of apartments with estimated prices. This is really what visitors are looking for, and it’s a clever usability choice to serve this information up front and centre.

The design is minimal and clean, but the way this information is ordered is clever because it qualifies visitors very quickly. There’s no point keeping a potential buyer lingering around the site if they’re not going to be able to afford the price tag.

  1. Prata Riverside Village

Prata Riverside Village website home page

The Prata Riverside Village website just exudes luxury. And featuring a full-fold video based on rendered content, panning over an oceanside apartment complex is certainly one way to achieve that effect.

The typography used across the site, combined with brilliant photos does an excellent job at showing the visitor what they could potentially buy.

While it’s not initially obvious, if you take a closer look at all the photography you’ll see they all showcase a lot of natural light. Practically every featured apartment has large windows, and the colour of the website is very bright. As a result, the website feels like it’s "breathing" and creates a sense of roominess, which is one of the biggest customer-arguments to overcome in selling apartments.

  1. Thorsen

Thorsen website home page

The Thorsen website is an example of a page that doesn’t need much content to be effective.

The designer clearly focused on large photos, which are complemented by minimalist typography.

They’ve achieved a very pleasant, minimalistic feeling across the site. However, it’s probably worth questioning if the visitor can get all the information they need to make an informed decision, or if they’d continue hunting for more details elsewhere.

  1. Magnentus

Magnentus website home page

At Clean Commit, we love some good old vertical lines. And the Magnentus website is giving us just that.

Thanks to these vertically dividing lines the website gains character. Throw in some excellent typography and you’ve got an experience that’s impressive, and very easy to interact with.

Placing a very large menu at the top, which takes up a large part of the screen is an interesting design choice and a little against the grain of most real estate sites.

This site is clearly very easy to navigate. I mean, I don’t speak Swedish and was able to find my way around without any problems. If that’s not strong evidence for great usability, I don’t know what is!

  1. Tbilisi Gardens

Tbilisi Gardens Website Home Page

My first impression after seeing this site was… “wow”.

A very creative approach to the apartment preview function. Scrolling the page down, a rectangular box follows the visitor and shows which floor we’re on. After clicking on one of the floors, we can view the apartment plan.

Taking a second to think about the information a potential buyer really cares about, seeing an interactive floor plan would be high on their list.

It is worth pointing out that also from the level of the apartment preview, we can quickly change floors, which makes browsing the website much easier.

The Tbilisi Gardens design is unquestionably very impressive, however, we could have liked them to include the number of available apartments on each floor, maybe by adding a feature to scroll through them.

Despite the experimental approach, the design team managed to make the website intuitive and comfortable to browse.

  1. Richland

Richland website home page

The Richland website is a simple, minimalist website that popped up at the bottom of the page during one of my random Google searches.

This site allows the user to choose only those properties that interest them, narrowing the area of search. The animations look very cool, however, it comes at a bit of a cost.

The page is sloooow.

Working in a team that does a lot of work with static websites with the aim to create incredibly fast and optimized experiences, any time I see a slow website it makes me cringe a little. However, this article is aimed at showcasing great design, and the Richland site is very well designed despite its page speed issues!

  1. Nautilus

Nautilus website home page

Another great website for luxury apartments. Excluding the speed of loading elements, the website looks phenomenal.

At first glance, we can see that the page is completely black, which is not a common practice.

These types of websites often fall into the trap of overdoing the various types of additions or animations slapped on top of the design. This approach can add a bit of “flair” to a first impression, but they become tiring very quickly. And that’s bad news for a website where potential customers would come back time and time again as they mull over the purchasing decision.

However, the Nautilus website doesn’t fall into that category. They manage to get the luxurious feel wrapped into their site without fatiguing the visitor.

Patryk Michalski
Patryk Michalski
Patryk is at the centre of the most impressive and eye-catching products coming out of Clean Commit. With a talented eye for “what looks good”, he’s a champion of creating modern and stylish applications and websites. Patryk is a source of good vibes and inspiration no matter the project.

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