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WordPress Developer (EU)

EUR 1.350 - 3.000 | B2B


We are looking to hire a WordPress developer to join our small agency.

The position will be permanent full-time and will focus on developing high-performance, maintainable WordPress websites.

The position is fully remote. However, we communicate extensively on Slack and you’ll be required to participate in video meetings several times a week. Meetings typically start at 10am CET.

Clean Commit - WordPress Developer (EU)

Skills and experience 

The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experiences:

  • Hands-on knowledge of PHP
  • Working experience with WordPress roots stack (Sage 10 / Bedrock)
  • Working knowledge of Blade templating language
  • Extensive experience with modern HTML, CSS
  • Experience with Tailwind CSS
  • Experience with BEM
  • Ability to efficiently deal with databases

In addition to technical skills, you’ll need to have:

  • Excellent command of written and spoken English (CEFR B2+)
  • Ability to self-manage 
  • Confidence to speak directly with clients to troubleshoot issues
  • Process-driven and be extremely attentive to detail
  • Consider yourself a “fast” developer
  • Problem solve without needing hand-holding

About the position

This position will focus on developing new WordPress websites using Sage, Bedrock and Tailwind CSS. Each of these technologies takes a little time to learn, and it’s critical that you have some experience with them.

You’ll be working directly from a Figma design file. The design will be created to the Tailwind specifications to make the handoff process easier. 

All tasks are extensively documented in Jira and assigned to you for execution. 

As you complete each task, it will be reviewed by the project manager and approved or reassigned for additional work.

The final product is expected to be perfectly responsive and reflect the Figma design as closely as possible. The site will need to pass all internal tests, Google’s Core Web Vitals assessments and basic accessibility standards before being released to the client for review.

You’ll be supported by a lead developer, project manager, web designer, and a handful of other team members. However, the position requires a lot of initiative and you’ll be expected to hit the ground running.

About the company

Clean Commit is an Australian-based agency that focuses on building beautiful, high performing websites, eCommerce stores and progressive web applications.

We are starting to grow rapidly as we develop a name for releasing beautifully designed, cleanly developed websites and applications.

While we’re based in Australia, our team is spread across the globe; from Poland to the U.K. to the U.S. We encourage travel and a flexible lifestyle.

We provide a paid 3-week break across the Christmas period, and up to 2-weeks of paid leave during the year. We don’t work on weekends. We encourage our employees to tell jokes and use gifs to communicate :).

The interview process and timeframes

The interview process consists of two short tests, and two interviews.

  1. General competency assessment (~30min) Candidates considered for this position will first undertake a general competency assessment. No coding or development questions are included. The test takes about half an hour.

  2. HR Screening (15-25 min) The shortlisted candidates will meet with Clean Commit’s recruitment manager for a 15 to 25-minute conversation to get a feel for your fit with the company culture.

  3. Technical Interview (~45min) Candidates that achieve excellent results in the first test will be asked to undertake a short online technical assessment. This assessment should also take about 45 minutes.

  4. Final Interview (~30min) Finally, the successful candidates will have a 30-minute interview with Clean Commit’s founders to discuss their experience, fit for the position and job expectations.

The two tests should be completed within a week. The interview process will also take around a week with all candidates informed when a hire has been made.


If you believe you have the skills required and will be a good fit for this role, please fill out the form below.

We will only contact you if your skills and experiences seem like a good fit for the position.

Unsuccessful applications will not be contacted.