A Rich Life

A Rich Life has been a hugely successful project. With some careful planning we rebranded a poorly designed website into something both intuitive and attractive that keeps users coming back.

A Rich Life screenshot

A Rich Life was born out of the need to redesign Ethical Equities, an investment and finance blog. While their readship was loyal, their website was converting poorly and the design left a lot to be desired.

The members of the website were being delivered paid content through email. This meant a lot of manual effort from the Ethical Equities team to manage the subscriptions. It also made for a difficult user experience, as all the valuable content was not organised in a neat, central location.

Luckily, we worked together to form a plan.

A Rich Life is fitted with a fresh and modern design. Featuring several areas for highlighting content, an intuitive interface and a membership add on, the new site allows the business to grow.

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