Bespaar Quiz

Twinstone asked Clean Commit to deliver an iOS app for iPad to gather information about energy usage from their clients.

Bespaar Quiz screenshot

About the project

Twinstone developed their app – Slimwonen App, and needed a fast way to conduct quizzes in potential customers homes to learn more about their behaviour when it comes to energy and water usage in their homes. After a brief session of brainstorming, we’ve decided to create a quiz with a defined set of questions.

Each answer was valued based on current Twinstone’s data connected with savings and energy usage. On that basis, the user could see how much money they could see after implementing new behaviour and how much they could save implementing the Slimwonen app tracking solution in their home.

Time to release

Within 2 weeks we’ve been able to work through a set of designs and release the first prototype with backend web application written in Node.js to gather quiz from multiple devices used by Twinstone’s employees. The app was released as an inner product within Twinstone organization.

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