Italian Village

Italian Village is one of the biggest and most exclusive real estate project in Norway. Modern design required appropriate design with website that enabled potential buyers to see it's vision.

Italian Village screenshot

The project consisted of branding, website development and design. The other part was about creating interactive selectors, and 360 panoramas

Italian Village is one of the most important projects of the development company behind it. This one in million project required special treatment from the whole team of people working behind it. Together we've created the branding for the project and flexible website project.

Design system was created for the project which lay the foundation for WordPress theme with custom site builder. Additionally Clean Commit team created a form system integrated with client's sales funnels, as well as a custom made selector for apartments.

Italian Village screenshots

Thanks to a custom theme development for WordPress. Client can update, change layout of the webiste and create new pages within the design system without need for additional work from our dev team.

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