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Download Your Free Dental Design Template

We’ve reviewed hundreds of the best performing dentist websites across the world and have built a highly optimised template… and it’s your for free!

✅ Designed to encourage customers book appointments

✅ Makes a great first impression with new customers

✅ Skip the lengthy and expensive website design process

✅ Look more trustworthy than your competitors

✅ Help customers find answers to their most common questions

Download the template
Download Your Free Dental Design Template

Saving time, saving money.

Click here to preview the full landing page template.

Avoid paying for HOURS of custom design by downloading this beautiful template, inspired by top international dentist websites.

With some tweaks you have a shortcut to creating a website that will make your practice look miles more trustworthy than your closest competitors.

Simply enter your email below and we’ll send the template to your email so you can customise and develop it into a website.

The template will be delivered in a format that is easy to customise and hand off so it can quickly come to life as a website.

If you’re thinking “what’s the point if everyone is downloading the same template?”. The truth is that you still need to add your business’s personality, logo, images and text which makes the template unique.

Download Website Template

We'll Do The Rest Of The Design For Free

Once you’ve downloaded the template you’re half-way to running a beautiful new website.

If you’ve downloaded the template and want to use it for your site, we’ll finish the design for free.

Designing a website usually takes days worth of effort and can cost thousands of dollars. But by taking this clever shortcut, you save time and money.

Go ahead and take the next step. Book a brief phone consultation with our team and we’ll get set up with an obligation free quote to get your site up and running.

Hear from our customers

I love working with Tim + WK. I personally have worked with Clean Commit on my designs and have referred clients to them. They have excellent project management skills, are easy to work with, and have a high standard for output to be rivaled in the development world. I highly recommend anyone thinking about working with this team in any technical capacity to do so.

If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll often go above and beyond to deliver. I really appreciate that level of integrity.

Within one month of building the website we had a sufficiently strong marketing channel to sell subscriptions which easily covered the cost of the project. From here on in additional scale will fall to the bottom line.

The Team at Clean Commit knows their stuff, thinking along around the process and delivering the best product possible. Always having fun during our chat sessions :) Quick responses and fast deliveries.

We took a chance with Clean Commit based on some of the work they'd previously done. We were well rewarded. They went above and beyond the scope of the job to produce an excellent app and web page. Communication was top notch, and their work outstanding. They were flexible, and generous with their time and expertise. Will use them for every relevant job we have from now on. Thanks guys!

For a small team, Clean Commit delivers quality results on complex projects in a timely manner. As a newcomer to the IT sector, I am grateful to Tim for the advice and guidance given freely throughout the process - I felt like part of their team rather than a client.

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Perfect on mobile, seamless on desktop.

When someone chips a tooth, or needs to book their child in for a checkup, they’re probably not going to sit down at their computer to look up a dentist. They’re going to jump on their phone.

If your site isn’t perfectly optimised for mobile, you’re giving them a reason to keep scrolling.

This template is designed to resize perfectly no matter what size device it’s being viewed on.

dentist website template screenshot with two dental practitioners working

Computer laying on the deskComputer laying on the desk with a monitor