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Let your website grow your business

Websites that showcase your business and start conversations with customers and clients.

  • Sites designed to get to the top of the Google search results
  • Images and text that you can change
  • Simple tools for writing articles and new content
Let your website grow your business

Most 'future customers' don’t get the chance to hear your story

It seems like the people who do get a chance to understand your business and understand how you can help them end up wanting to work with you.

The problem is that there’s a lot of competing voices out there. Figuring out how to present your business to start the conversation is difficult. It shouldn’t be so hard to get past this hurdle when you think about all the other big problems you solve day-to-day.

The team here at Clean Commit have seen hundreds of websites that were created just for the sake of it. It’s easy to end up here. Spending money on a website without a real plan. Finding it difficult to use and not having time to keep it updated or working correctly.

You signed on for a website that brings in business, not one that saps your time.

This is not a unique issue. In fact, we’ve solved this issue for dozens of clients across the past few years (check out some of our work at the bottom of this page!).

With a few tweaks and some simple tools, your website presence can easily position your business for growth.

Google analytics screenshot of traffic trending upwards

The steps to creating a business-fueling website are simple:

  1. Schedule a brief phone call with us to talk through your needs
  2. Work with us to create a customised plan
  3. Build a website that will change the trajectory of your business

By taking these steps you’re guaranteed to receive a website that:

  • Doesn’t lose customers to long load times
  • Is easy to update
  • Gives Google a reason to push your pages to the top of the search results
  • Keeps your data safe from hackers
  • Impresses potential clients and customers

The next step is easy. Simply click the Contact Us button and tell us about your project. We'll get back to you in an hour or two.

Schedule a call. Fill in the form below.

Do I need a WordPress site? Or maybe a static site? I don’t know!

You do need to pick the kind of technology you want to use, and it makes sense to pick the best one.

But what is the best one for you?

If you’re a small services company, you offer consultation services, coaching services, or use your website to advertise your company then you need a static website.

These sites are virtually unhackable, they load incredibly fast and keep your customers reading because browsing your site is instant. They’re cheaper and quicker to build and super low maintenance.

And you know who else is using static websites? PayPal, Braun, Spotify, AirBnB and IBM. Yep, the big guys are going in this direction too.

big companies logos that are using static websites

Static sites are relatively new technology but we’ve been specialists since their inception. We’ll get you set up quickly.

Send us a message using the form below to work out how quickly your website can be built.

Hear from our customers

I love working with Tim + WK. I personally have worked with Clean Commit on my designs and have referred clients to them. They have excellent project management skills, are easy to work with, and have a high standard for output to be rivaled in the development world. I highly recommend anyone thinking about working with this team in any technical capacity to do so.

If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll often go above and beyond to deliver. I really appreciate that level of integrity.

Within one month of building the website we had a sufficiently strong marketing channel to sell subscriptions which easily covered the cost of the project. From here on in additional scale will fall to the bottom line.

The Team at Clean Commit knows their stuff, thinking along around the process and delivering the best product possible. Always having fun during our chat sessions :) Quick responses and fast deliveries.

We took a chance with Clean Commit based on some of the work they'd previously done. We were well rewarded. They went above and beyond the scope of the job to produce an excellent app and web page. Communication was top notch, and their work outstanding. They were flexible, and generous with their time and expertise. Will use them for every relevant job we have from now on. Thanks guys!

For a small team, Clean Commit delivers quality results on complex projects in a timely manner. As a newcomer to the IT sector, I am grateful to Tim for the advice and guidance given freely throughout the process - I felt like part of their team rather than a client.

Here's some examples of our work

WordPress Website Support


The Kynd team required urgent technical support when their existing WordPress partner failed to perform. This case study explains how we stepped in to help.

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WordPress Website


Humanforce is a workforce SaaS platform that was well overdue for a website overhaul. They approached Clean Commit after a stressful time dealing with another, larger web development company.

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about Humanforce
WordPress Website


Bitmax helps small movie producers get their titles distributed. Their website was in desperate need of a redesign. In response, we went all out and built one of our favourite sites to date.

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about Bitmax

No fancy lingo

Simply tell us about your business and we’ll tailor a beautiful experience for your visitors.

  • You know your business and what your audience or customers need.
  • We know how to make top notch websites that turn big problems into past memories.
  • Let’s work together to build a solution that will make a real impact on your bottom line.
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