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Project overview

The Elanor group had committed to redeveloping the Belconnen Fresh Food Market from the ground up into a completely new shopping hub. The project was planned to expand over the course of a couple of years.

The Elanor group, together with their management agency, Dionysus, Approached Clean commit to help develop a website. The website’s purpose was to get the word out about the project and give vendors and stakeholders a way to communicate with Elanor.

The project was scheduled for two phases. First, a simple landing page was to be developed that advertised the upcoming project. Secondly, a full-featured website would be created that would showcase the new marketplace and give customers all the details they need to use the market effectively.


  • JAMstack development
  • Project management
  • Gatsby
  • Web design


  • Web


  • GatsbyJS
  • Netlify CMS

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Implementation & approach

The initial landing page needed to spin up quickly. There wasn’t a need for the client to publish blog articles, but the site could potentially receive a decent amount of traffic.

All these conditions led us to suggest a GatsbyJS website. As a static site generator, Gatsby offers great performance. It integrates easily with most headless content management systems, so we paired it with Netlify CMS. While this CMS isn’t the most feature rich, it feels familiar and allows simple content changes.

The site is hosted on Gatsby Cloud for the greatest performance. Phase 2 of the project has yet to commence.

Clean Commit image


Moving scope

Knowing exactly what should be designed and developed at the start of a project is difficult. This is why agile methodologies and small iterations are so popular. In this case, a “landing page” became a four-page website.

Scope changes are never a problem but they can challenge project timelines and budgets. Clear communication is a must!

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