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Struggling to find a pre-built solution that fits business needs requires a partner with the technical skills.

MDG Design are a Sydney based design agency. They approached us after struggling to find a pre-built solution that fitted their needs or a partner with the right technical skills to make their vision come to life.

Their goal was relatively straight forward; run a giveaway competition on an iPad and track the submissions through a web application.

Their biggest struggle was getting the submission information to show up in a properly formatted interface that could be searched, sorted and exported.

Before the project even started we talked the MDG Design team through a solution that we believed hit the nail right on the head. They agreed that our proof of concept was almost exactly what they were looking for.

After a month of development we delivered the product for testing and acceptance. Shortly after we helped MDG rent their own server space and install the application for live use.

The project ended up being a great success. It wrapped up on time and was well received by the users.

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Product Design


  • iOS

  • Web


  • React Native
  • Vue
  • Laravel


Leveraging the power of Jam Stack for modern design

The Bloom website has been built using GatsbyJS and Netlify CMS. This React-based framework ensures the site will be future proofed with incredibly performance, and water tight security.

On top of an impressive design, we incorporated modern technology resulting in blazing fast page loading times, highly search engine optimised content, and an easy user experience.

Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image

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