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Quizpipe provides a shortcut to building a huge email list

Our team wanted to run quizzes to help grow our email list. The problem was that all the available solutions were... garbage. The couple of decent solutions were over engineered and cost an arm and a leg.

We wanted something simple that looked good and could send leads directly to our CRM.

A few hundred hours of development later, Quizpipe was born. Leveraging a decoupled front and backend, Quizpipe tackles some complexity to deliver quiz logic in a user friendly interface.

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Product Design


  • Web


  • Vue
  • Gatsby
  • Laravel

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Building a quiz platform that could pass styling customisations to a user's website

Quizpipe posed a bunch of significant challenges. Quizzes can be used for so many different things, we could create a near endless set of features. We had to keep things simple and focus on the most important features that would set a quiz up as a good lead gathering tool.

The next big challenge was figuring out the logic behind how an optimal quiz should run. Surprisingly there's plenty of different ways to tackle a quiz; categorising the result, providing a rank, or simply reporting the number of correct answer the user picked.

Quizpipe continues to grow and throw new challenges our way. Sign up for a free account right now to check it out.

Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image

Landing Page

Quizpipe also shows off a blazing fast website

Quizpipe needed a website. This gave us an opportunity to put together a nifty little GatsbyJS website. Leveraging a static website as a landing page is the only way to go. It's incredibly fast, super maintainable and optimised for SEO.

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