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Image of Salt of the coast website design


Creative design, fast load times, and the ability to extend into a Shopify store!

The girls at Salt of the Coast approached us looking for help in designing and developing a website to support the operation of their new cafe in Narooma, NSW. Their goal in running the cafe, besides serving delicious coffee and food, was to source all their products locally and sell them through their website. 

In order to allow this to happen, their website was built using GatsbyJS and integrated with Prismic CMS. This flexible approach will allow a Shopify integration in the future when their business is ready to expand!

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Product Design
  • CMS integration


  • Web


  • GatsbyJS
  • Prismic CMS

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Preparing for Shopify Integration

The Salt team weren't sure if they would require a Shopify integration for their site launch, or if it would come later. We proceeded with the project in a way that would allow us to pivot and integrate Shopify into the design and codebase quickly if required.

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