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Product Roadmapping

Product Roadmapping: The secret to building the right product, in the right budget, with less risk.

You’ve spent days thinking about your new product. You know if you can pull it off, it will save your business countless hours and do good things for your bottom line for years to come.

It’s time to take the next step.

You do your best to throw together the details of what you need. You’re not confident you’ve captured absolutely everything important but figure the gaps can be filled in later.

Let’s say you jump on Google and reach out to a handful of software agencies with your requirements document. You receive a wide range of quotes. Some seem unreasonable, while others are unbelievably cheap.

You end up picking a developer to work with whose quote was somewhere in the middle. The process is nerve-wracking, but you sit down with them and they seem clued on.

You feel like your idea has a tight expiration date. Every minute you’re not building is a compounding opportunity cost. You decide not to waste any more time and roll the dice.

A couple of months pass by. The project isn’t going as quickly as you planned. The developers are falling behind schedule and complaining about undiscussed features. They explain they’re going to need more money to finish the project.

You end up spending hours every day managing the project, re-explaining what you want to the developers, trying to get them to see your vision.

By the time the project finishes, it’s months behind schedule, way over budget and you’re not even that happy with the result.

This is a story we hear all the time from real businesses. Some of these businesses are wildly successful, run by clever people and even worked with expensive, reputable software agencies.

So how do you avoid ending up in this position?

Start your project with a Product Roadmap

A Product Roadmap is a clear plan that outlines your vision for what should be built and the steps required to build it. It acts as the bridge between your team and ours. It answers the big questions like what a wildly successful project looks like, what features will be built, how long it will take, and what the cost will be.

You would be crazy to build a new commercial building without a blueprint. So why would you build software without a Product Roadmap?

Without a Product Roadmap, you’re making guesses about which features should be included. And when you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars on the line, there’s little room to start over if you get things wrong.

A Product Roadmap is the most effective way to access expert knowledge and experience and apply it to the problems you’re solving. It’s the quickest way to reduce the risks and unknowns of your project.

Product Roadmapping is hard to do internally. It requires deep technical skills and an objective viewpoint of someone who isn’t working inside the business.

Doing it yourself doesn’t work, but that’s where we come in. Our team have a structured, simple process (yep, there’s a step-by-step process!) that will guide you through Product Roadmapping.


Tell me about my Roadmapping Session

Your Roadmapping Session will take between 2 to 6 hours, broken into 2-hour Zoom calls. During the calls, we’ll work through three steps;

Step 1: Goals

The aim of this step is to understand your business objectives as well as you do. We ask structured questions to uncover your thoughts behind the project, your business, and how it all fits together.

By the end of this step, we’ll have a good idea of what role the product will serve in helping you make more money, find efficiencies, or lay the foundations for future growth.

Step 2: Flows

To gain a deeper understanding of your business, we’ll draw a flowchart that connects the different users of your product and how information travels between them.

Visualising the information flow between different stakeholders lets us see how all the pieces fit together. It also provides the foundation to start discussing the product's feature set.

Step 3: Features

During the final step, we decide on the features that will form your product’s initial release and what should be benched for later. This is where you get a chance to talk through exactly what the product should do.

We use the budget and business insights from Step 1 to build a detailed feature set of the most valuable initial release for the investment you’re prepared to make.

Once the Roadmapping Session has been completed, we’ll send you the deliverables

  • A complete Roadmap document to get you from idea to MVP
  • User flow diagrams and technical breakdown of features any other development agency would immediately understand
  • A fixed monthly price and timeline to design and deliver your application
  • Outline of the ongoing costs to run your application

Best of all is you get to work with an experienced-backed software team without having to commit tens of thousands of dollars.

If we end up working together, the full roadmapping price is discounted from your first project invoice.

Check out an example roadmap

Why don't you check out what a project roadmap looks like? Fill in the form below and we'll send you a full roadmap document.

I love working with Tim + WK. I personally have worked with Clean Commit on my designs and have referred clients to them. They have excellent project management skills, are easy to work with, and have a high standard for output to be rivaled in the development world. I highly recommend anyone thinking about working with this team in any technical capacity to do so.

Cassie Clouser

Cassie Clouser

If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll often go above and beyond to deliver. I really appreciate that level of integrity.

Elvia Roe

Elvia Roe

Angels Teach

Within one month of building the website we had a sufficiently strong marketing channel to sell subscriptions which easily covered the cost of the project. From here on in additional scale will fall to the bottom line.

Claude Walker

Claude Walker

A Rich Life

The Team at Clean Commit knows their stuff, thinking along around the process and delivering the best product possible. Always having fun during our chat sessions :) Quick responses and fast deliveries.

Lian Van Ham

Lian Van Ham


We took a chance with Clean Commit based on some of the work they'd previously done. We were well rewarded. They went above and beyond the scope of the job to produce an excellent app and web page. Communication was top notch, and their work outstanding. They were flexible, and generous with their time and expertise.

Will use them for every relevant job we have from now on. Thanks guys!

Mark Denning

Mark Denning

MDG Design

For a small team, Clean Commit delivers quality results on complex projects in a timely manner. As a newcomer to the IT sector, I am grateful to Tim for the advice and guidance given freely throughout the process - I felt like part of their team rather than a client.

Shannon O’Connor

Shannon O’Connor

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WordPress Website


WordPress Website


Salt Of The Coast
GatsbyJS Prismic

Salt Of The Coast

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Application, Website


Frequently asked questions

What do I need to prepare?

When you’re ready for the roadmapping session to start we’ll send you a set of screening questions. All you need to do is work through these questions and come armed with your ideas.

Can we do the session in person?

Absolutely! We love catching up in person. As an agency that deals with businesses all around the world, sometimes meeting in person can be hard to coordinate. We’ll answer this question when we schedule a time for the first session.

I’ve already put together a developer brief, can we skip this step?

That’s awesome - and we love it when clients have spent the effort thinking about the details of their project. However, Product Roadmapping goes deeper into the project’s details than you can on your own. We lead you on a structured process that answers questions about cost, feature set, and information architecture that can’t easy be built any other way.

Am I locked into any long term agreement?

Nope. You have zero obligations at the end of the Product Roadmapping session. This also means that we don’t try to overinflate the project costs like some agencies, because you don’t have to work with us once the Roadmap has been created.

Is there a discount if we end up working together?

Yes! If you believe we’re the right team to build your product then we’ll discount the full cost of Product Roadmapping cost from your first invoice.