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Clean Commit Ranked As Top 30 WooCommerce Development Agency

Tim Davidson
by Tim Davidson
1 min

Over the past six months, Clean Commit has changed direction towards JAMstack development. But we’re still holding tight to our roots in WordPress development.

Our work hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially in the eCommerce world. We’ve been nominated in the top 30 WooCommerce Developers by DesignRush.

This recognition comes off the back of our co-founder, Wojciech, and WordPress developer, Maciej’s great development work.

While we do most of our own design, the WooCommerce sites we've worked on are fully credited to the PYX team. While Wojciech and Maciej handled the development of these sites, PYX are the masterminds behind the website design. Their works include Julie Josephine, Lekogpark and Nygaardbad.

We’ve spent dozens of hours optimising our eCommerce starter kits to speed up the time to market. Getting a well-polished website up quickly is essential for any business owner, but it seems like eCommerce founders feel these forces more than most. 

Clean Commit eCommerce Template top fold shot

Clean Commit eCommerce Template product page

We’re happy to have our work recognised and congratulate PYX for creating such memoriable designs. Watch this space for some incredibly creative and excellent stores coming out over the next few months.

Tim Davidson
Tim Davidson
Tim is the face of the company. When you want to kick off a new project, or an update on your existing project, Tim is your man. With a background in project management, Tim specialises in managing the chaos around the company.

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