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Why Your Website MUST Be Secure in 2020

Tim Davidson | 7 min read
Unsecured websites are heavily penalized by Google and put your user's data at risk. Learn to secure your website quickly with this comprehensive guide.
Tips & Tricks

How To Write An Effective Design Brief

Tim Davidson | 8 min read
design briefs save you money and time. Our article provides a template and a breakdown of what to include in your next design brief. Check it out now.
News & Announcements

Best Web Designers in Canberra

Tim Davidson | 4 min read
It's tricky to know who the best web designers in Canberra are. A better question is, who can you trust? Clean Commit are a local agency that you can meet in person, specialise in the latest technology and hang their hat on cost effective solutions.

Gatsby vs WordPress

Wojciech Kałużny | 7 min read
If you haven't heard of Gatsby, you should take a few minutes to read this article. It's free to host, incredibly fast, and allows you to continue using WordPress to write blog articles.
Tips & Tricks

12 Practical Slack Tips and Tricks For Business

Tim Davidson | 9 min read
The Clean Commit team shares 12 of their most practical ways to use Slack. These tips and tricks will help you be more efficient as a business.

Ten Examples Of The Best Dentist Website Design

Tim Davidson | 5 min read
We look at 10 of the best dental practice website designs for inspiration. These dentists have created strong and recognizable online brands through well thought out website designs.

Impact Of A Well Designed Website To An E-Business

Tim Davidson | 6 min read
Website design is at the heart of almost every digital promotion. The impact of a well designed website to an e-business is huge. It is often the deciding factor in whether a visitor will do business with a company. This article explores the ways website design impacts business.

Three Of The Best Travel Agent Website Designs

Tim Davidson | 8 min read
A rock solid website design is at the heart of digital strategy for any successful travel agency. We dig into three excellent designs to work out what they're doing right.