Hosting, support & maintenance

Get on-demand support from self-managing WordPress and MACH (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native & Headless) specialists.

We handle 60+ servers without any incidents, join our happy clients!

Let the nerds handle the technical mumbojumbo

Do your website a favour. Let us make it go faster than ever before, keep hackers out and get it running smoothly.


  • Offsite database backups
  • Codebase backups
  • Weekly updates
  • Limited access to servers
  • Cloudflare DNS


  • Website & Server Monitoring
  • DNS Management
  • CI/CD Pipeline integration
  • Dedicated Support Panel
  • Assistance with ongoing requests


  • Dedicated server
  • Optimized depending on stack
  • Integrated CDN
  • Technical SEO


  • Optimization plugins included
  • Caching configuration
  • Image optimization
  • Integrated CDN

Technologies we support

We have specialists that can help support your website or application if it’s built using these languages or frameworks.

React & Vue

Frontend development that looks amazing on any device and works seamlessly with your backend.

Node, PHP & Laravel

We build heavy-duty backend code to power your product’s complex logic and database interactions.


Websites built to grow and evolve with the needs of your business.


We specialise in turning wishlists into apps that perfectly fit how you do business.

Support packages

We think certain benefits should come with your job, period. These benefits exist so we can focus on people — who also have lives outside of work.

Save 8% on a yearly plan
  • DNS Management
  • Offsite Database Backups
  • Uptime monitoring
  • Server updates
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  • Everything in basic
  • Unlimited image optimization
  • Performance optimization
  • CDN delivery for assets
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  • Everything in Pro
  • SEO Reports
  • 10% Discount on support
  • Priority Support
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  • Everything in Ultra
  • 2-days of Work Included
  • SEO Reports
  • 20% Discount on support
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