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Clean Commit Wins Canberra’s Top Software Developer Award on Clutch

Tim Davidson
by Tim Davidson
2 min

Last year was a rollercoaster ride for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has really changed the development landscape and we’re glad that we successfully made it through. As a small team of developers, we aim to raise the standard in terms of website and app development.

We love doing good work; it’s our simple yet genuine mantra that drives us to deliver excellent results. The Clean Commit team values client feedback above all; we love hearing from our clients because that helps us create beautiful projects.

Having said that, we are excited to announce that we’ve been chosen by Clutch as Canberra’s leading company in the software development scene. If you’re not aware, Clutch is a data-driven review platform that ranks and recognizes the best companies in the IT, marketing, and business services industries.

clutch co badge

“We're stoked to be receiving early recognition of the software, application, and web work we've been doing around Australia and the globe!” — WK, Clean Commit Technical Director

We celebrate another milestone for our small team. We are thankful for everyone who has made this possible, especially our clients and team members.

Speaking of clients, without their excellent reviews, this Clutch award wouldn’t be possible. We appreciate our loving, trusting, and supportive clients who continue to open more doors for us. Their reviews on our Clutch profile motivate us to work even harder and aim even higher.

Here are some of the most memorable quotes from our clients’ Clutch reviews:

“I’d say their responsiveness, flexibility, and reasonable attitude were the most impressive. It was a new website design, so we weren’t always sure of what we wanted, which resulted in quite a bit of back-and-forth. There were things that we thought we’d wanted a certain way but would then request to change back or go in a different direction.” — George Bonito Director CEO, SEMPlicity Cybersecurity Consulting Firm

“One of the reasons why I love working with Tim (Owner) is because he cares. He’s responsive and honest — if they say they’re going to do something, they’ll often go above and beyond to deliver. I really appreciate that level of integrity.” — CEO, AngelsTeach

Want to work with us? Contact us and let’s build something together!

Tim Davidson
Tim Davidson
Tim is the face of the company. When you want to kick off a new project, or an update on your existing project, Tim is your man. With a background in project management, Tim specialises in managing the chaos around the company.

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