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Headless Shopify Example

There are a bunch of great benefits to upgrading your Shopify store that can move the bottom line and set you apart from competitors.

Tim Davidson
Tim Davidson

Headless Shopify Example

There are a bunch of great benefits to upgrading your Shopify store that can move the bottom line and set you apart from competitors. But it’s a big decision and will be a disruption to how you do business.

If you’ve stumbled across this article in the hope that you’ll get a peek behind the curtains at a real headless Shopify example, then you’re in luck.

A while back we were commissioned to build a headless Shopify store for a Sydney-based produce business. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed their mission and they abandoned the project. However, they gave us permission to showcase the project.

The store is set up with a Gatsby frontend, Shopify backend and Prismic as the content management system. In the below video, I’ll take you on a quick tour around the customer experience, and administrative experience, pointing out the major differences you’ll see in day to day use.

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    What’s next?

    You’re probably aware of the payoffs that come with moving to a headless architecture. Suddenly you have control to completely customise the shopping experience and pinpoint conversion leakages. You can find tools to get betting analytics and insights into what your customers are doing and add content writing tools that streamline your content team’s efforts.

    In a nutshell, the sky is the limit.

    However, making the jump involves a large amount of risk. Besides the disruption to your team, it’s an expensive and complex task. Since you’re not bound by any technology there are unlimited options for how you can configure your store.

    So the question is how to move forward.

    Well, you could simply approach reputable agencies presenting your project. You might find one that lines up with your expectations and that presents a tidy proposal.

    But jumping into bed with an agency doesn’t mitigate any of the risks of a big software development project.

    There’s one step missing here that bridges the gap between your excitement and ambition, and careful execution of exactly what you need and that’s a Product Roadmap. Product Roadmapping is a structured process of talking through the results you want to see from your store upgrade and all the features that should make up the new store.

    Roadmapping sessions usually take between 4 hours to a full day, and by the end of the process, you have a complete blueprint that will guide your upgrade. It contains flows showing how information travels through your system, descriptions and technical breakdown of features, and a plan for how you see a positive return on your investment.

    Undertaking a Roadmapping session is a low cost, quick and effective approach to reducing the risk of a big software development project. Best of all, you get a chance to work with our team to see if we’re going to be a good fit without dumping tens of thousands of dollars into the project!

    We make time for four Roadmapping sessions a month and they book up quickly. We only work with clients we’re sure will see a positive return from their investment. If you’d like to see if you qualify, please shoot through a message and we’ll send you the qualifying forms to complete!

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    Tim Davidson

    Tim Davidson

    Tim is the face of the company. When you want to kick off a new project, or an update on your existing project, Tim is your man!

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