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🎉 Proudly announcing support for Gatsby v3 with Henlo

Wojciech Kałużny
by Wojciech Kałużny
1 min

tl;dr: Gatsby's v3 release brings massive improvements to the developer's workflow and user experience. Within a week we migrated our stack to use the new version of Gatsby. Part of that was updating our minimalistic tailwind starter for Gatsby called Henlo.

Gatsby v3 - Long-awaited upgrade is finally here!

Gatsby is a foundation for a large portion of our projects from e-commerce to small landing pages. Without our own website built using the same framework, we are excited to see v3 released!

Website speed affects your bottom line and user's experience. That's why pursuing better performance is one of our core values. To make sure we're always delivering the best software possible we need to be on top of technological changes. Neck-breaking adoption for updates is in our view crucial to achieving that goal.

With Gatsby v3 we're bringing support for cutting-edge image optimizations. We're also able to support next-gen image encoding format AVIF (supported only in Chrome and Opera at the time of writing) to future-proof all of our clients' projects.

With Incremental Builds that Gatsby 3 adds across all deployment environments, we should see quicker generation times which can be crucial for our clients with larger projects.

Our minimalistic Gatsby starter - Henlo brings support for Gatsby v3

We've already migrated some of our projects to Gatsby v3 this week, after solving initial problems we decided to move our starter - Henlo over to Gatsby v3 as well.

Henlo lays at the base of all of our internal projects we decided to open-source it so other developers can also benefit from our know-how.

It's already available to use and test!

Wojciech Kałużny
Wojciech Kałużny
WK is the technical wizard behind the technology delivered by Clean Commit. He picked up software development while completing his Masters of Law to keep himself entertained. He’s that kind of guy. While he’s known for his development skills, he’s also an excellent web designer and generally a jack of all trades in the technical space.


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