Product Roadmapping.
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A Product Roadmap is a clear plan to get you from idea to minimum viable product (MVP). It’s a blueprint for your project that bridges the gap between your team and ours.

Product roadmapping scheme

Product Roadmapping is what separates us from average developers.

We start every project with a Product Roadmap. It gives you the chance to work with our team and make sure we're the right fit before investing tens of thousands of dollars.

The Clean Commit team was able to find us a better financial solution to make the project a lot more cost-effective. They've been great with communication and have done a tremendous job in getting our site to gain speed and increase conversions.

Mike Obedoza

Mike Obedoza

Web Operations Manager

How does Product Roadmapping work?

The Product Roadmapping process usually takes between 4 hours to a full day, broken into multiple sessions. The sessions are run over Zoom and recorded, analysed and decomposed into concise documentation.

The process is made of three parts: understanding your goals, analysing your business workflows and defining the product’s features.

Project Goals List


The aim of this step is to understand your business objectives as well as you do.

We start by asking insightful questions to uncover your goals and what a wildly successful project would look like.

Project floatchart


To gain a deeper understanding of your business, we’ll draw a flowchart that connects the different users of your product and how information travels between then.

Visualising the information flow between different stakeholders creates the foundation to discuss the product’s feature set.

Todo List


The final step is where we decide on what features will form the Minimum Viable Product. This is where you get a chance to talk through what you want the app to do.

Once complete, you’ll have an actionable step-by-step plan for finishing your new product.

Don’t take our word for it.
Get a finished Roadmap.

Get a copy of the actual roadmap that drove the development of a new platform and a 500% conversion rate increase for one of our clients.

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Roadmapping is a better way to do business


Produce a better product

Taking the time to investigate all options ensures a more effective solution that will generate more value in the long-term.


Save time and money

Product Roadmapping tells us what features you really need for success, letting us trim the budget and save you time and money.


Work to your budget

The Roadmap presents individually estimated features, allowing you to pick and choose what goes in your product to match your budget.


De-risk your investment

Roadmapping makes sure that once we have the project roadmap and estimate, they’re both accurate. It’s a safeguard from going over budget and past schedule.


Aligns our incentives

Roadmapping is a separate engagement to building your project. Our incentive is give you the best solution at the cheapest, smallest possible scale.


We can’t just drive west

If you want to drive to Broome from Sydney you can’t just drive west - you need to plan your route. Roadmapping ensures we take the right approach and don’t end up in Perth 6 months later.

➕ Three strategy sessions with our team

➕ A complete Product Roadmap document (see example above)

➕ User workflow diagrams

➕ Technical architecture specs any other dev shop will understand

➕ Detailed breakdown of costs

➕ Feature release schedule

What are the deliverables?

The Product Roadmap deliverables describe your product in enough detail that you can present them to any skilled developer and they'll understand what needs to be done.

During Product Roadmapping, you'll receive:


During the intro call we’ll talk though:

🎯 What you’re hoping to achieve

🗓️ Your deadlines and budget

💵 The cost of roadmapping

👩‍💻 When our team’s next session is available

🙋‍♂️ Any other questions you have

Kickstart your project

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