Bitmax helps small movie producers get their titles distributed.

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  • WordPress
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  • HubSpot

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Bitmax helps smaller movie producers get their films and shows distributed onto networks like Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video and a number of others. They boast titles like Fantastic Fungi, Parasite, and Another Round.

Unfortunately, their website design was not doing their incredible business any favours. Acting as their primary landing space for new clients, the Bitmax website was in desperate need of a facelift. 

This is the kind of project that gets our team excited. Not only can we get creative and experimental, but there is also a clear business goal behind the redesign. If we do a great job, the business grows!

Bitmax shots of the website design


Creating excellent animations is a tricky skill because it sits somewhere between design and development. Designers can create cool animations in After Effects, but the developer needs the GSAP, CSS or React Animate skills to bring the design to life with code.

As a business that revolves around movies and film, the website had to have movement in some capacity. Our challenge was to create subtle animations that also communicated the website’s message.

Integrating HubSpot with forms

Hubspot provides a plugin for integrating its forms with WordPress. The problem is that it doesn’t allow a ton of customisation. We wanted the Bitmax form page to look completely custom to match the rest of the design.

We typically use the Contact-Form-7 plugin to handle forms. It’s free, open-source and integrates easily with most CMSs. CF7 even has an official plugin to integrate with HubSpot.

The problem we ran into is the plugin is buggy and poorly supported. While it was installed correctly, there was no save button to lock in the integration settings. After almost a week of trying to liaise with their technical support staff, we threw in the towel and circled back to the official HubSpot WordPress form plugin.

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