Get Built

Improving process management for the GetBuilt team

Get Built Mobile App


  • Project Management
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development


  • Web
  • Progressive Mobile Apps


  • Next.js
  • Laravel

The Problem

The GetBuilt team couldn't find an off-the-shelf management system that helped coordinate their warehouse and sales activities. The options they had tried weren't flexible enough to fit their way of doing business and ended up being a poor fit.

Without an automated system, quality control issues had been creeping into the business. They were relying on paper-based systems and a lot of close management to keep their operations tight.

They wanted a system that worked on iPads for their warehouse staff but could also be configured from a desktop by the management guys working in the office.

Get Built screens

The Process

The GetBuilt team admitted they didn't know exactly what they wanted but were open to exploring options. The first step was to build a Product Roadmap that analysed their goals, processes and functionality needs.

The Roadmap painted a picture of all activities required to build the first version of the site. Following this, wireframes and a prototype were presented for review. The feedback was worked into a high-fidelity design, and finally, the application was developed.

The process was collaborative to ensure the application solved the right problems.

Get Built roadmap

The Solution

In order to work seamlessly across iPad and desktop; the solution was built as a Progressive Web Application, using a Next.js frontend and Laravel backend.

This approach allows for the application to feel like a native app, provide excellent performance, work on tablet and desktop, and be installed as a shortcut on the iPad homepage. It also means there is only one codebase to manage, reducing the project costs.

The solution handles the full workflow, from recording new jobs, capturing the specifications, saving customer details, scheduling work, assigning tasks and managing the team's availability.

The modular architecture and custom approach provide the team with a great base to grow from as their business needs evolve. Functionality like Xero integrations, quality control measures and automated material orders have been pencilled into the future roadmap.

Get Built calendar


Building a rolling calendar with Next.js is challenging, due to the caching behaviours. The calendar was required to infinitely scroll up and down, showing job assignments from the past and present. Without a pagination mechanism to trigger a data load, this presented an interesting challenge.

Push notifications are another feature that doesn't work perfectly with PWAs. The challenge here is interpreting Apple's timelines. They announced push notifications for PWA were coming in December 2023. We're still waiting, Apple!