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Selectr is an innovative application that has no equal in the market.

Aimed at helping local sporting teams with their selection day, Selectr is Clean Commit's biggest project to date. Selectr has come through several iterations of design, development, quality review and user testing.

The application is built with a Laravel backend and Vue.JS frontend. Once fully released, it will be available for download on iOS, Android and directly through the web.

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • Product Design


  • Web
  • Mobile


  • Vue
  • Laravel

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The Selectr team approached Clean Commit with a timeless problem that needed an automated solution

Netball and most sporting selection days can be chaotic. People trialing turn up late, they all want to trial in their preferred position, and there can be a lot of them. Shannon from the Selectr team was sick of this process being so manual and disjoined.

She approached Clean Commit in mid 2019 looking to develop a solution with support from the ACT Innovation Network.

We worked closely to bring the project to life. From a lengthy discovery period that figured out what the app was going to do, to logo and branding development, through to the development of a minimum viable product, and finally to several sprints of enhancements.

Selectr is now on the market, helping netball clubs around Australia organise their selection days.

Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image


Adding a cherry on top

The Selectr application is innovative and a powerhouse of technology, featuring a decoupled Laravel backend and Vue.js frontend.

...And the selectrnetball.com.au website is the cherry on top...

Built as a static website using GatsbyJS, the Selectr website is blazing fast and showcases a clean approach to converting clients to paying customers. Featuring a nifty "pricing calculator", this is a site that provides the right answers to the most important questions.

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