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Progressive Web Applications

Apps that reach users you would have ignored

Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) reach users native apps can't. Architected for performance and designed for seamless user experience, they achieve unparalleled user engagement and retention.
There's a reason Spotify, Pinterest and Uber have chosen to rebuild their services as a PWA.

  • Less time & money to develop
  • Improved usage time and retention rates
  • Affordable scaling to handle your viral growth


Leverage Google's search platform to get noticed

PWAs are websites that work just like native applications. While your users are treated to a native experience, Google can index your application like a website. This gives your application the best chance of being discovered by your target market.


Progressive Web Applications are hot right now.

Make more profit

Unlike iPhone app which pay Apple 30% of all their sales, PWAs keep 100% of the profit.

No more updates

PWAs are delivered from the browser so there are no files to be installed on your user's device. This means no more clunky updates.

Faster load times make happier users

Users love apps that don't keep them waiting around. PWAs offer blazing fast response times.

Installable from the home screen

There's no need to sacrifice that "native" feel. Your users can add an app shortcut to their mobile or desktop home screen.

Unlock a wide world of advertising

PWAs allow you to make best use of all the social adveritsing platforms. No need to create an intermediary website. Simply point new customers to your app.

Battle-tested frameworks

Built using ReactJS, VueJS, NodeJS, and Laravel. Frameworks that are let you easily extend and maintain your application so your app can grow and evolve.

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Why are Progressive Web Applications becoming popular?

Progressive Web Applications are a clever way of using existing tools to get a fully featured application working quicker and with less development time. They run in the browser, which already works perfectly across almost every device. This means there's no length testing process with hundreds (or even thousands) of different devices. There's a number of other benefits that are making big companies rebuild their services as a PWA.

Increased engagement

Users don't need to download an app. Instead, the service is there to use straight away. This leads to huge levels of engagement.

Less churn

There's little friction in using a PWA. Users can hop onto their mobile, tablet or desktop and access the app. This makes them very happy and keeps churn rates low.

Lower ongoing costs

Maintaining a competitive app is expensive. There's always something to be improved. Native apps typically require multi code bases and fixes specific to devices. PWAs don't, and it makes them much cheaper to maintain.

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We’re based in Canberra, Australia and we LOVE working with locals… but we work with clients all around the world. From the U.S. to the U.K. From Norway to New Zealand. Where there’s a problem to solve, we’ll be there!


Hear from our customers

I love working with Tim + WK. I personally have worked with Clean Commit on my designs and have referred clients to them. They have excellent project management skills, are easy to work with, and have a high standard for output to be rivaled in the development world. I highly recommend anyone thinking about working with this team in any technical capacity to do so.

Cassie Clouser

Cassie Clouser

Within one month of building the website we had a sufficiently strong marketing channel to sell subscriptions which easily covered the cost of the project. From here on in additional scale will fall to the bottom line.

Claude Walker

Claude Walker

A Rich Life

If they say they’re going to do something, they’ll often go above and beyond to deliver. I really appreciate that level of integrity.

Elvia Roe

Elvia Roe

Angels Teach

The Team at Clean Commit knows their stuff, thinking along around the process and delivering the best product possible. Always having fun during our chat sessions :) Quick responses and fast deliveries.

Lian Van Ham

Lian Van Ham


We took a chance with Clean Commit based on some of the work they'd previously done. We were well rewarded. They went above and beyond the scope of the job to produce an excellent app and web page. Communication was top notch, and their work outstanding. They were flexible, and generous with their time and expertise.

Will use them for every relevant job we have from now on. Thanks guys!

Mark Denning

Mark Denning

MDG Design

For a small team, Clean Commit delivers quality results on complex projects in a timely manner. As a newcomer to the IT sector, I am grateful to Tim for the advice and guidance given freely throughout the process - I felt like part of their team rather than a client.

Shannon O’Connor

Shannon O’Connor

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We’re based in Canberra, Australia and we LOVE working with locals… but we work with clients all around the world. From the U.S. to the U.K. From Norway to New Zealand.

Where there’s a problem to solve, we’ll be there!


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