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A well developed website on private hosting loads fast. A website that loads fast appears higher on Google searches. It performs better and costs less for paid advertising campaigns. Most importantly, it doesn’t leave your potential customer waiting while the page loads.

We’ll build your website with performance in mind and make sure it’s tuned and ready to compete on the big stage.

We use the latest technologies and will keep you ahead of the curve so you’re not having to go back to the drawing board in a couple of years time.

A clean and optimized website will put you ahead of your competitors. Sound like something you’re interested in achieving?

Pricing Guidelines

All websites aren’t created equal. There are different frameworks like WordPress, Joombla, Drupal, or just a plain old static site. Some websites run eCommerce sites, while other’s boast interesting and complex integrations. The point to this narrative is that we can’t predict exactly how much it will cost to build a website before knowing all the details. However, we understand that it’s important for you to get a feel on price before you dive in. Below is a pricing table that will help you estimate the cost of your project.

Project PhaseProject Phase
Effort requiredEffort required
Low end costLow end cost
High end costHigh end cost
Project PhaseTurn a single screen from design to code and test on different devices
Effort required4 - 10 hours
Low end cost$360
High end cost$900
Project PhaseTypical number of screens on a website is between 5 and 35
Effort required30 - 280 hours
Low end cost$2,700
High end cost$25,200
Project PhaseIntegrating 3rd party applications
Effort required5 - 20 hours
Low end cost$450
High end cost$1,800
Project PhaseClient testing and acceptance
Effort required10 - 40 hours
Low end cost$900
High end cost$3,600
Project PhaseDeployment and support
Effort required5 - 10 hours
Low end cost$450
High end cost$900

Please bear in mind that these prices are purely indicative and haven’t factored in the full equation.

Don’t be shy :) reach out to us today for an obligation free quote. We don’t pester you, we’ll just give you the numbers.

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Elvia Roe

OMG, you are an answer to my prayers! Yayayayayay!!!

Lian Van Ham

The Team at Clean Commit knows their stuff, thinking along around the process and delivering the best product possible. Always having fun during our chat sessions :) Quick responses and fast deliveries.

Susan Terzakis

Just a small note to say a HUGE thank you. You made it come together. Good work. You did well, very well, so again, thank you!

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