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Our main focus was to improve paying subscribers experience.

The members of the website were being delivered paid content through email. This meant a lot of manual effort from the Ethical Equities team to manage the subscriptions.

It also made for a difficult user experience, as all the valuable content was not organised in a neat, central location.

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Development
  • Product Design


  • Web


  • Vue
  • WordPress

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Optimizing WordPress memberhip page for economic blog

The Bloom website has been built using GatsbyJS and Netlify CMS. This React-based framework ensures the site will be future proofed with incredibly performance, and water tight security.

On top of an impressive design, we incorporated modern technology resulting in blazing fast page loading times, highly search engine optimised content, and an easy user experience.

Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image

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