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Project Overview

The Kynd team were in a tricky situation with their website. It had a number of customer-facing issues, but more importantly, it had become a mess internally. Creating new pages, changing existing content and managing the custom posts was a massive time sink for the team.

This was especially bad news given Kynd’s plan to start pushing paid advertising and further extend its content marketing strategy. They came to the conclusion that before they pushed the site further, it needed a serious cleanup.

That’s where we entered the picture. We had spoken with the Kynd project manager months prior when he had been scouting for a technical partner to help. At the time, he opted in to work with a different team but soon found them to be unresponsive. He reached out asking for an audit over their platform and for help in building a roadmap of tasks to get their site performing properly.

Note: We did not create the design for Kynd's website.


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How did we help?

WordPress "best" practices

The internet is littered with thousands of different opinions about the “best” way to set up WordPress. The themes that run through these different approaches are that content should be organised into neat and logical custom post types, almost all content should be editable, and new landing pages should be easy to create in the existing style.

There are other practices that should be followed, like which plugins to avoid, how to set up the development and staging environments, and how to optimise the codebase.

When we did our initial audit, we found that Kynd’s website wasn’t adhering to many of these “best practices”. Our first job after we extracted the codebase and set it up on Gitlab was to implement the roots.io suite to improve the site’s file organisation, allow for easy deployments, and facilitate easier content authoring.

From there we tackled a handful of SEO issues, followed their Figma design templates, and solved a handful of outstanding bugs.

Our goal was to provide quick and flexible support for the Kynd team.


Working with poorly structured code

Working with code that hasn’t been written well is challenging at the best of times. It’s even more difficult when you aren’t able to communicate with the person that wrote it, and don’t understand why they made a lot of their decisions.

This was the most difficult part of getting Kynd’s website back on the straight and narrow. Figuring out what had happened before we arrived. It’s a challenge that never gets any easier, but one we find ourselves tackling frequently!

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