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Image of The Dionysus Movement


Captivative, content-rich website built with the power of static sites.

The Dionysus Movement were in desperate need of a website redesign that could grow with them and make the right kind of first impression with their potential clients. With hundreds of images to be implemented into the website we needed a specific aproach. After consulting possible solutions with the client we decided to use Jam Stack.

Their site has been created using Gatbsy and Netlify CMS. This React-based framework ensures the site will be future proofed with incredibly performance, and water tight security with flat file content management solution.

Know How

  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • Product Design


  • Web


  • React
  • Gatsby
  • Netlify CMS

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Creating a detailed definition of exactly how the application would work and what it would do for the user.

The Dionysus Movement are one of Canberra's leading event management companies. Each year they put on a number of well known festivals and events around the Australian Capital Territory.

The Dionysus team approached Clean Commit asking for help in consolidating and redesigning their outdated website. Since the website was originally built, the number of projects that the Dionysus Movement coordinate has increased to the point where it was no longer manageable.

After a number of consultations, we worked together to define a detailed list of design and functionality requirements. The design needed to speak to their creative and philosophical mission, while the website's performance needed to allow users to easily navigate a large number of upcoming and past events.

Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image
Clean Commit's completed work project image

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